Help for Charities

Seedling showing charity marketing discount

Discount for charities

This year is an especially awful time for charities. All events are cancelled so there is no fundraising income. Charities are desperately reaching out across social media to appeal for donations to try and keep themselves afloat. And it’s really hard.

Here at SSBM, we offer any small charity 25% discount for all our services. We have experience of working with charities and we understand the unique challenges that go with trying to promote what you do.

Be our partner

We are currently looking for one small charity to partner with. We are thrilled to be able to offer certain charity marketing services totally free of charge. In return, we ask only that you mention us in your communication channels. Get in touch, fill in the contact form or email us and tell us about your charity. We will pick a charity by 30th October. We look forward to hearing from you.