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Why blogging should be part of your digital marketing strategy

A few days ago, I was talking with a favourite client and halfway through the conversation, the dreaded word “blogging” came into the conversation. She said that she knew she should write a blog as part of her digital marketing strategy but she didn’t know why.

So I’ve put together some questions and answers about why you should have a blog, how to know what to write about and what should be included to help your small business.

Re-opening your business - picture of shop

5 Marketing Steps your Small Business Should Take before Reopening

As coronavirus lockdown is easing, many businesses are able to open their doors once again. We know that things are going to be very different to the way they were. You are going to have to work harder to keep your customers loyal to your business and to communicate with an audience that is warily re-emerging into the outside world. We’ve listed five steps your small business should take with its marketing to ensure a smooth reopening.